LetsSubscribe.com is owned and operated by Aditus Audience Acquisition Ltd, which is the UK's number one provider of magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Our aim is to enable you to conveniently subscribe to all your favourite magazines and newspapers in the one place.

What's at the heart of what we do?


Our main priority is to provide you with the very best customer experience. We aim to offer subscription deals on as many magazines and newspapers as we can, and ensure outstanding value by having the very best offers available, many of which are exclusive to us.


At LetsSubscribe.com, we know that providing the best offers is only half the story, so we pride ourselves on our high level of customer care. Our customer service team is over 100 strong (none of our competitors can offer this) and they are here to answer all your calls and queries. Whatever you need, we're here to help!


Subscriptions are all about convenience and making your life easier. We aim to make shopping with us, receiving your magazine or newspaper, or sending a gift subscription a real pleasure. Just order once and we'll take care of the rest.

Social Responsibility

We donate 10p from every website subscription order to an environmental charity, Earth Restoration Service, which creates native tree nurseries in primary schools throughout the UK. We believe in ethical shopping, so we choose dependable suppliers who look after our customers. In turn, we look after our suppliers.


Established nearly 20 years ago, our business now sells over half a million newspaper and magazine subscriptions packages each year, making us by far the largest provider of magazine and newspaper subscriptions in the UK. Yet we remain privately owned and managed company, with a commitment to a high level of personal service. If you need any help with ideas or have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch!