The prices displayed on include the delivery of your subscription. Delivery is handled by the publishers of each magazine title.

It usually takes between 6 and 10 weeks to receive the first magazine in a new subscription.

Order processing can take up to 21 days and scheduled retail release dates will vary from month to month. Subject to availability, customers will most likely receive the next available issue as the first in their new subscription. A perk of subscibing is that customers will often receive new issues earlier than their retail release dates. It may take longer to receive the first magazine in a new subscription if it is a bi-monthly or quarterly released publication.

If you have not received your first magazine after 8 weeks, please contact customer services on quoting your order number, full name and billing/delivery address to help us locate your order on our system. If you have received a welcome letter from the publishers with details of your subscription(s), please contact subscriber services directly using the information that they have provided.

Once your order has been processed, your subscription is thereafter handled by the publishers’ own subscriber services team. During a live subscription are unable to amend delivery addresses, re-dispatch missing issues or cancel your subscription on your behalf. Contact details for subscriber services can be found inside your welcome letter, on the cover letters that arrive with each issue in your subscription, or on their own official website. Alternatively, you can contact our customer services team who are able to provide contact details for the publishers required.