Magazines with free iPad editions and free gifts

At Let's Subscribe we've got a lot say about the digital vs print magazine debate. But one thing's for sure. If we can find you a great magazine subscription offer that also comes with a free iPad magazine, everybody's happy!

We've collected the best magazine subscription deals that also come with a digial iPad version below. So you really are getting two for the price of one, and you'll be able to read your favourite magazines, wherever you are.

If you're looking for a cracking deal on your magazine or newspaper subscription, why not choose one that also has a free gift? There are some sensational offers on a whole range of titles below, including , NME, Marie Claire and World Soccer so you better start shopping now before we run out of pixels!


Practical Sportsbikes
12 issues: £33.00
plus Drapers Allen Key Set

drapers_allen_key_set.jpg More Info

Garden Answers
3 issues: £5.00
plus Get Gardening Book

GardenAnswersGift.jpg More Info

Bird Watching
13 issues: £43.00
plus Drapers Folding Stool Back Pack

bird_watching_freebie.jpg More Info

12 issues: £34.00
plus Oxford Tank Bag

Oxford_tank_bag.jpg More Info

Digital SLR Photography
5 issues: £5.00
plus Hama Camera Cleaning Kit

Digital_SLR_Free_Gift.jpg More Info

13 issues: £46.00
plus Platypus Hydraton 3.0L

Trailgift.jpg More Info

51 issues: £60.00
plus L'Occitane Instant Hydration Mask & Angelica Exfoliating Gel worth £37

loccitane_hydration_mask.jpg More Info

Country Walking
13 issues: £46.00
plus Platypus Hydraton 3.0L

Trailgift.jpg More Info

The Cricketer
6 issues: £19.99
plus FREE 'From the Ashes' DVD

From_the_Ashes_DVD.jpg More Info

Anglers Mail
13 issues: £19.35
plus Angler's Mail Ipad Access

AnglersMail_iPad.jpg More Info

Sight & Sound
12 issues: £45.00
plus Sight & Sound Digital Access

sightsound.jpg More Info